Thursday, 1 November 2007

Showreel via Youtube Post

Hi folks, seeing as Flash was having a few issues with some peoples browsers I've added the show reel as a Youtube link.




Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey nick
to be honest i think it's quite long, try to keep it shorter, leave only the bits you really like,
your walks, you gould take out that, the run is ok.
the two alfreds, you and el, it's not so good, cut it, keep only the good parts.
Put all drawings together and maybe shorter time.
put the projects together. your final and the gingo(pink guy, sec term animation)put the pieces together,, the fin scene i would cut out as well, think wich animation do you have in tha scene? be honest with you.

well nick, it's just my opinion, you can say piss off that i wouldn't fell sad about it.
all best

Spangles said...

Cheers Dan, thanks for your help, it looks like the two alfreds may well be getting the chop. Thinking all of Jenga man might go as well. Going to keep most of the walks in just to show some variety.

Thanks again for the advice. You're right it's definitely too long though.