Wednesday, 19 December 2007

New Lip Synch - Matthew Perry (redone + original version)

And here's another version, following the discussion Tim, Wes and I had about a more realistic and slightly less cartoony style. Working through what's basically one pose in the whole animation.

Well, I've worked on a new direction here, trying a close up piece of animation. I threw in the table here for a bit of prop interaction, which really helped me get used to IK / FK blending on the model after some weird experiences. Most of the poses I used in the other piece are in here, but have been refined more, and as Tim pointed out I've tried to distill the acting more. I found watching a few episodes of the IT Crowd on E4 really helped me out as Moss (richard Ayoade) is quite deliberate as a character actor in his poses too. Some of what are though were key poses are I've now realised are simply inbetweens, anyhow I hope you can see an improvement!

So here's the original piece of Lip Synch I did, with Matthew Perry from friends. Tried to work on the acting and movement again on this. Looking back on it though it loodks way to flat, and the poses are crap, so it goes t5o show plan your poses in your head.