Thursday, 1 November 2007

New project - Kingfisher / Hummingbird

Amendment 21st November

Right animated the kingfisher with a new rig system after speaking to the guys at LAS last week. Now the main control is between the wings at the top of the spine.

Again, going on Neil and David's recommendations I'm now going for a more realistic style of motion. It's been hard animating after a month off temping, and I've found that using the footage as reference rather than rotoscoping (as which happened for the second half of the film) has made me think about what's going on a lot more.

Anyhow here's my first attempt at moving the rig:-

Kingfisher from Spangles on Vimeo.

So I've rigged up this kingfisher to play around with, it could be hummingbird too, I guess, but I'm going to sit down through some motion footage to decide what to do with it.Anyhow here's the rig:-


libra bear said...

Looking forward to this Nick. I like the showreel, Is the music Frank?

Spangles said...

The music's by a guy called Paul Anka. He basically does loads of covers of rock songs but in an easy listening style.

Gonna try and get some animation done soon!

messytimbo said...

man your keeping your self busy! it's great to see!
have you handed in your show reel anywhere yet?

messytimbo said...

oh and that covers of van halen "jump". it's a good choice ahahahaha

Doctor Cerebro said...

hey man thank you for your comments, you made cry. i miss those times too.
my opinion about your showreel: it is very long. and it looks funny to me that after the very first animation clip there is a picture of a guy's ass! haha. i would maybe separate animations from drawings. the pairs project lip synch should be amongst the first clips, it is pretty good. the lift and the wolf too (you should open with your best animations and leave also a good one for the end). the first clip is too long. maybe chop it. then i would get rid of the jinga man and the two alfreds... make everything shorter and more intense. when i showed my showreel around everybody told me to shorten it. it was almost 2 minutes and now it is just one. just leave the best, keep it entertaining and snappy!

Spangles said...

Thanks Mariano,

I'll get going on those tips, that piece of dialogue is brilliant for 'it was a joke' by the way.

I'm trying to get hold of some Happy Gilmore dialogue now to animate!

Edwin said...

Woa You've been busy. Good man. Are you in going to drop off your reel in town at all? Give me a shout if you do.
Using live action as a referance in Maya is great, it really helps with the timing.
Looking forward to the end result.

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey nick
it looks great.
really nice,,,love the wings and tail...
nice balance with the head as well..
..very little i could say...being pick, maybe it's downs could be faster, couple impression,,,but looks great,,nice work bro