Thursday, 15 November 2007

New Showreel 15th November 2007


New showreel taking on baord everyone's advice about shortening it. Couple more animation pieces I want to do before I start hawking my work around town again!

Showreel November 15th 2007 from Spangles on Vimeo.


Doctor Cerebro said...

looking better, man! maybe, in my opinion, the bird clip is a tiny little bit too long. but it is definetely better.
there is another thing that gets my attention and i think you should fix although it is a pain in the ass. in your final project, in the last scene when the monkey on the right says "it is my old man", his eyes are totally dead, he isn´t looking anywhere for a few seconds. it stands out for me and calls for some polishing.

libra bear said...
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libra bear said...

Hey nick, you seem very busy, I admire you goals in animation at the moment. Just some notes kingfisher animation.(I looked for some ref footage of how they move but couldn't find anything so what I say might be irrelevant, just going on what I feel). The weight seems off, like its floating rather than the wings carrying it. I don't know if it's the angle but it seems sometimes the wings slow down but the body remains in the same place. Shouldn't the body drop slightly and then come up as the wings speed up, also do the wings come up and go down the same way, just something to think about. Hope life is good man.

David Beer said...

Hi Nick
The bird is defintley proof you are improving, well done

Hey dude, I think I would take the skip walk out, I dont think its as good as the others. (If you want to fix it, try straighten the legs and get a smoother flow to it or something)I think I would also work on the end of the lift, where he manages to pick up the ball, or take it out (the timing of the end, and that move with his hips is too exagurated). Also, try get away from the Afred rig, there are nicer working rigs on highend3d like bloke and basic guy. All the best buddy, keep the faith!