Monday, 21 April 2008

Cobra Strike

Well, here it is the cobra strike.

Props out (in the words of Westwood and big Trev Nelson) to Andy Morley at Lipsyncpost for giving me the opportunity to animate there, James Nichols for doing the modeling and texture mapping and showing me how to assign UV texture maps (can't wait to see the final model when the texturing is finished), and Jon Wood for the lighting, spotlights rule and good to see my T2 lighting toned down slightly.

And her's a few stills from the sequence:-

So, there you go a work in progress looking OK.

Cheers guys.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Car crash test

Been away for a while as I've been doing an internship / some freelance work at Lip Sync Post in London. It's been pretty busy (well as busy as you can be when your machine is rendering - so many cups of tea), working on a variety of things including Hellboy 2, a cobra animation for the company showreel, and this.

It's just a quick test sequence for a girl basically being hit by a car in a street scene, just to see what it might look like. Know it probably doensn't look amazing, but it's more of a blockamatic almost, but taught me how to basic texture, and got me used to planning shots and working with cameras.

Anyhow I'll stick up the rest once it's available, had some technical issues with fcheck Tiff's. So and sos.

Sorry folks had to delete this due to copyright stuff! Peas out.