Thursday, 6 September 2007

Sneak and Catwalk Walks

Right folks, latest, just got back from France, and am now trying a sneak and a catwalk walk.

So here's the sneak after Edwin looked at it, will post the catwalk when it looks vaguely half decent! Again positive criticism quite welcome... thanks El for saying you liked it full stop.

Sneak Walk Final from Spangles and Vimeo.

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libra bear said...

I really like the feel of this, definately feels like a sneak. Well done. Could you push the pose further, maybe raise the shoulders, have the arms ups and hang the hands? I don't know, I find that every time we animate, we have to explore different posibilities of the same thing. The double bounce still need work methinks but its hard to articulate what it needs. Hope to see you on wed, we'll talk then