Wednesday, 29 August 2007

New Double Bounce & Photoshop for Bday Card

Right, here's an adjusted Double Bounce Walk, tweaked the graph editor and broke the splines to give Alfred a lighter feel, quick up, slow mid hold and down, like a ping pong ball, adjusted his pose to give it more balance with less lean back and more pelvis rotation, after advice from DMCA, Eleanor and Wes. Thanks for the help guys and glad you like the angry walk!

Double Bouce post El, DMCA and Wes Crit from Spangles and Vimeo.

And here's a bit of Photoshop work I did for a friends birthday card.


libra bear said...

Judging by the self portrait, why do I think you've actually captured what this person looks like. Post a picture, I wanna see if I'm right.

libra bear said...

As for the walk, something about it feels very mechanical, the alignment of his head, or maybe the shoulders and chest are too stiff. Could you drag the shoulders and chest on the up and down. Did you film yourself doing it? Just thinking out loud. This is one of the reasons I miss LAS man. Glad to see your still at it.

messytimbo said...

good to see your still animating.
i like the first double bounce walk better. though i would say that there's something not quite right about both...not sure what my comment isn't of much help.

anyways, animating means playblasting and playblasting means wasting some time chatting to timbo. where all the phone calls homie?