Tuesday, 6 May 2008

New Showreel May 2008

Here's my new showreel then:-

Can't put most of the stuff I've actually done over the past 7 weeks on it, but hopefully one day will become available to you the general public.


libra bear said...

Is that showreel #50? lol. You've definately been busy. All your student stuff is almost gone!!!

Nick said...

Yeah I know. I've been pretty busy this week, running at Framestore means I don't have much time to animate at home, it's kind of the last thing I want to do and the weather is a killer for sitting in front of a computer at weekends!

libra bear said...

Its good that your busy, edwin still running at Framestore as well?

Peter Kasim said...

Easy Nick, cheers for the comment mate. Hope all's good up your way, I'll be checking your stuff regularly so keep em coming.

Loving that cobra strike, really nice and natural looking.

Gonna be visiting framestore on monday, what you've said is a bit scary but I'll keep an open mind

Kristian said...

very nice..like the lip sync stuff alot.

Nikki Atkinson said...

Excuse me where is my page on your links hmm! Snake is brilliant! Must feel really good to have something so polished on your reel. Hadn't really watched your project properly before, monkey magic eh? haha it's funny, did you do one of the voices??
I think you could lose a couple of alfred walks? I don't think theyre as good as your other stuff. But maybe that's just because I've really seen enough of alfred the past year!