Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Throw Animation

Another piece of animation done from reference footage. I shot this out in the garden, and then put it into a quicktime movie for easy reference.

The actual throw is speeded up from 25 frames per second of action, compressing the same movement down to 15 frames of action. Whereas the follow through and walk back remains 'normal' or 'real' paced. A few of the poses and actions are also a bit more exaggerated than the original footage too, as this is supposed to be aniamtion and not rotoscoping.

Also rejigged my jump down, for aquicker air movement, and re rendered it too:-


Doctor Cerebro said...

man! the throw looks great. i think that in the steps back he is out of balance, but apart from that looks very nice. nice exageration on the right bits.

Paul said...

legs on the jump still need more spring in the landing I feel.