Wednesday, 19 December 2007

New Lip Synch - Matthew Perry (redone + original version)

And here's another version, following the discussion Tim, Wes and I had about a more realistic and slightly less cartoony style. Working through what's basically one pose in the whole animation.

Well, I've worked on a new direction here, trying a close up piece of animation. I threw in the table here for a bit of prop interaction, which really helped me get used to IK / FK blending on the model after some weird experiences. Most of the poses I used in the other piece are in here, but have been refined more, and as Tim pointed out I've tried to distill the acting more. I found watching a few episodes of the IT Crowd on E4 really helped me out as Moss (richard Ayoade) is quite deliberate as a character actor in his poses too. Some of what are though were key poses are I've now realised are simply inbetweens, anyhow I hope you can see an improvement!

So here's the original piece of Lip Synch I did, with Matthew Perry from friends. Tried to work on the acting and movement again on this. Looking back on it though it loodks way to flat, and the poses are crap, so it goes t5o show plan your poses in your head.


libra bear said...

Your really improving Nick, and I mean that, but I have my points to make as usual. Before say anything, check this link:
You checked? good because that piece of crit gave me a lot to think about, and what to look for in animation. My own view is that your animation still feels floaty. There's no snap. I would say, anytime you do an animation like this, copy what you've done, does your body feel right? does it feel natural when you go through some of the poses. The part where he says "we might need a back up plan" I think you could emphasise him thinking more. His voice sounds like he's having second thoughts. Find a pose that says, he is really thinking. Remember that pychology test where they can tell what sort of a person you are when your thinking depending on where you look (up, side, down?) And if you aren't already, find a film with some great acting (animated or not) and step through it. you'd be suprise what frames you can miss going from one movement to the next. I also think he should be bending he's knees so much. seems like there's alot of movement which isn't needed (I think). LAS14, what do you guys think?

messytimbo said...

I think it starts well, but then it gets a bit floaty, and because Chandler voice is really energetic and panicked the slowness and smoothness of the movement doesn’t seem to fit. I think your trying to cram too much movement in to a short space of time. I think you really need to distil your acting.

And I’m not sure if it’s just the way youtube has loaded the video but the lip-sync seem off, it doesn’t look like his saying those words.

I hope I’m not sounding like a C**t, but I think it’s honesty that will help you get better

Doctor Cerebro said...

mmm you chose a tricky one to animate. he talks really fast... some work on the mouth shapes would help... and i agree with what david said before: it looks too much like 3d stuff. to avoid that drifting from pose to pose you should work on your own inbetweens, think about how you would do this if it was 2d animation. don't let the computer do much work for you.

libra bear said...

I forgot to say I like the "eureka" pose at the begining. I'm suprised Matt P hasn't done a voice for animation yet....

Spangles said...

Yeah Cheers guys, this was a bit of a rush job to be honest, I'm thinking of changing it pretty much completely using a few of the key ideas, into a close up visual piece.

I'll stick up when I'm done, just think that this is too similar and also inferior to the last piece of acting I did, so I need to offer something different on my reel. I'll stick it up once I'm done. Gonna be hard to do much over XMAS.

messytimbo said...

i think it's a lot better. i really like the eye darts, it's a nice touch.

i think the final pose should be change, i don't think it needs to be thats big, i reckon he should have a really sarcastic look or pose. i think it could really help.