Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Sketches from the previous two terms

A few sketches from the first two terms on my post grad at Saint Martins. I guess the longer the course has gone on the more my drawing style has loosened up. These are in time order, most recent at the top, so hopefully some kind of improvement will be evident, or not.

Characters interacting
For me this is one of the most interesting sequences of drawings as we see a fundamental part in human behaviour, in the way two bodies can express themselves and the effect that has on a relationship with others.

Close Ups Of Face Studies For Lip Synch
Just a bit of close sketching, getting some mouth shapes, and skewed perspectives.

Figure drawing

Again using a skewed perspective, whilst trying to keep the body in proportion.

Master and Servant (One Lady and her Dog)

One of the best things about drawing an animal is the line of the spine, as they are usually so more supple than a human. At first being a cat person, this really didn't appeal to me, but again the relationship between two characters in space seems interesting to me.

First Life Drawing

This first sketch is more about catching the movement of peering around a corner.

Sketch showing the relationship between the human and skeletal forms.

Life drawing (of a skeleton). Hmmm, not sure if that's the right definition of a dead thing, death drawing anyone?


messytimbo said...

great to see you've got a blog,

i just hope you keep up this enthusiasm

libra bear said...

I don't think he will Tim.... :)
Said it before, I love the weight on your life drawing. You definately have a style developing. I hope you continue with it.

libra bear said...
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